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A Touch of Holiday Romance with Jim Brickman

Jim Brickman brings his Christmas Romance 2006 Tour to the Coronado Theater Thursday December 7th.  For the past ten years, Brickman has performed holiday concerts to delighted crowds across the country.  This year he will be showcasing songs from his new CDs Escape and Christmas Romance.

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Erin Pettitt Headlines "Vocal Virtuosity"
Soprano Erin Pettitt will perform selections by Strauss, Handel, Poulenc and others in Vocal Virtuosity, the third concert in Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center's 2006-2007 Concert Series, beginning at 3 pm Sunday, November 5, at Second Congregational Church in Rockford. > More
The Ahn Trio Performs Friday, October 13

The Ahn Trio - a piano trio of sisters originally from South Korea critically praised for their fresh take on classical music - will bring their talent to Rockford in a recital at 7:30 pm, Friday, October 13, as part of Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center's 2006-2007 season. Tickets are available by calling 815.964.9713.

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Lee Rocker - This Cat is Cool

You might remember him from his work in the Stray Cats, but while that band may be no more, Lee Rocker makes good on his name by continuing to rock. His latest solo CD is Racin' The Devil and it was just released in January. It's been earning Rocker some rave reviews, too. Rocker and his band will be appearing at this year's On The Waterfront festival, and it seems certain that a good time will be had by all in attendance.

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After Over 25 Years of Best Shots Pat Benatar Will Be at This Year's On The Waterfront
That voice has been a mainstay of radio since 1979. You know the powerful, yet feminine, operatically trained, but still rocking sound of Pat Benatar. Just think back to such hits as "Heartbreaker," "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and "Love Is A Battlefield" and you can't forget those vocal chords. Well, while she may not be achieving the same sort of media attention that she did in those days, Benatar has been anything but dormant, and she's bringing the voice and the songs to the Rockford On The Waterfront Festival. > More
Johnny and the Boomers Carry on a Tradition

Johnny & the Boomers brought high-energy, old-fashioned rock n' roll to Big Cities Lounge on Saturday, May 27. Led by 27-year-old Johnny Sherman, the Boomers managed to crank out upbeat, danceable party music and down home blues.

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Harlan Jefferson Presents Soul Explosion to Shogun
Contemporary Jazz Saxophonist Harlan Jefferson gave a whole lotta soul to the Silver Lounge on April 16, Easter Sunday night. > More
Blackmaker and Wing Ding - Be Impressed
The chorus of one of Blackmaker's songs may say, "You've tried everything you can think of, and I'm not impressed," but Blackmaker is coming to Rockford's Wing Ding, and I'll bet you will be impressed if you get to see them. > More
Black Stone Cherry - Modern Southern Rock Comes To Rockford
Along with seven other bands Black Stone Cherry will be tearing up the stage at Rockford's 13th Annual Wing Ding. The event will be held at The Rockford Speedway on the 28th of May, and it should be a great time. It's seems certain that this Edmonton, Kentucky group will be one of the highlights of the day's entertainment. > More
Dick Dale - King of the Surf Guitar - Returns to Rockford - Again

For those who haven't had a chance to see the King (no not Elvis, this is the King of Surf Guitar) now you get another chance. This time around he's going to be playing the Midway Theater. If you missed him last time, what are you waiting for?

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X51 - Here's To Diversity in Music

Their website's description of the band begins with "a power pop/rock band that delivers like a 500 mega ton bomb." It seems like a tough bill to fill, but X51 lives up to that description.

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The Basement Blues Band - Time Flies When You're Having Fun

It seems almost unfathomable, but The Basement Blues Band (formed in 1983) is now in their 23rd year. That's a long time in terms of making payments on something or slaving at a job you don't like. But when you are talking something that's as good of a time as this band, it seems like nothing.

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No "Make Believe" - Ernie Hendrickson and the Guys Really Rock!
Make no mistake, as jam bands go, Ernie Hendrickson rock out more than most. The guys combine a solid jazz texture with the jam band arrangements, but do it with more crunch and punch than most artists in the genre. In fact, they seem to make a habit of stretching the limits of the genre even more than they do the limits of song length. And they aren't afraid of taking chances by playing with a different style (reggae, hard rock, fusion, etc.) > More
Dean Moriarty Jazz Band Does Woodstock
Charlotte's Web for the Performing Arts will present "Woodstock: Long Time Gone - An Evening of Peace and Music" performed by the Dean Moriarty Jazz Band on Saturday, April 29, at 8 p.m. at the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center, 415 N. Church St., Rockford, Ill. > More
The Progressive Singer's Workshop
Tamara Anderson once again brings her exciting, cutting-edge, Grammy award winning vocal techniques to the public. THE PROGRESSIVE SINGER'S WORKSHOP will help give you new vocal and emotional freedom, get you in touch with your creative inner-self, while greatly improving the quality of your voice. > More
Jackyl - Southern Boogie Chainsaw Tears Up Rockford
Lots of bands have things that have become their trademark - Judas Priest has the Harley Davidson, Ted Nugent has his loincloth and Jackyl has their chainsaw. They got associated with that implement of deconstruction with the song "The Lumberjack" on their self-titled debut that includes what is probably the only chainsaw solo in rock history. They will be hitting Rockford, chainsaw and all, on April 6th at Elixur. > More
FireHouse Set to Burn Up The Rockford Stage
FireHouse will be tearing it up at Elixur on March 17th along with Sugarfuse. For those who aren't familiar with the band, now is the time to make the acquaintance. These guys are international rock legends and to see them in Rockford is sure to be a treat. How often do you get to check out a band with platinum albums playing at Elixur? Well, more frequently these days, but still this is something that any fans of hard rock and melodic metal should not miss. > More
The Reverend is In The House - Reverend Agony To Return To Rockford
March 4th will see the return of Reverend Agony to their hometown stage at Hard Times in Rockford. The band will be performing with Lockjaw. If you haven't heard of Reverend Agony and are a fan of such groups as Marilyn Manson, Ministry and Skinny Puppy it's time to take notice. > More
Folk Hero Patty Larkin to Perform at Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center
February 4th will be the date that Patty Larkin graces the stage of Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center. Interesting things have been written about Larkin's personal world of folk music. Amongst the snippets listed on her site are such statements as - "where Beck meets Richard Thompson," "where Beth Orton intersects with Guy Clark" and  "where Me'Shell NdegeOcello melds with Bob Dylan." Having heard her music, I don't think I'd disagree with any of those statements. > More
Toad Soup - Serving Up A Healthy Portion of Classic '60's Rock

I'm sure you've probably at least heard of turtle soup, but how about Toad Soup? No, you won't find it on the menu at some fancy restaurant, but you might see them playing at the local club. Toad Soup is a band, not a food. The group is a Rockford act who have been around since 1999 and are still hard at work bringing tasty entertainment to the area.

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Take The Dog For a Drive - At The Lion's Den

The Lion's Den at Rockford College isn't exactly the kind of place that first pops into your head when you think of a venue to go check out hot up and coming rockers well on their climb to the stars. On the 18th of the month, though, that's just exactly the kind of entertainment that will be taking the stage there. That's when The Dog & Everything and Quietdrive will be appearing there, and both bands are Midwest outfits who have been working their way into the hearts and minds of music fans all over the country.

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