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2003 Articles
'Dress Rehearsal' a Farse and a Bad String of Septembers
From their humble beginnings as a joke between friends back in 1998, Dress Rehearsal has come a long way. It all started when four friends Aaron Goodin, Jeff Jenkins, Jared Cacciatore and Quinn Nadig met up at an annual youth music festival. > More
Airbag - It's all about the music.
If you heard the name, but not the music you may tend to think these three guys were an in-your-face metal band that plays ear numbing power chords with screaming lyrics. However, that is not the case with Airbag. > More
Feel the Love Deep in Your Soul with the Sounds of Too Deep.
It's all about soul. That's the only way to describe Too Deep. From the very first note they play, Too Deep shows their passion for their music and their love of soul. > More
First night out - rockin' Shooter's East
The Mayvilles packed Shooter's East for their first performance on the area music scene. They had the crowd hoppin' on the dance floor to a diverse selection of pop, rock, and "retro" hits not regularly covered by other local artists. > More
Tres Elliot - From Funk to Sweet Home Alabama
For a four-piece band that's been together for only two years, Tres Elliot is a musical collective comprised of more talent then most national acts presently on tour. > More
There's a 'Red Super Giant' Coming Over the Hill…
Let's hope that on the other side of that proverbial hill isn't early retirement…according to the band "there is no force in nature greater than the urge to make music." Hopefully this is still the case when local band Red Super Giant (RSG) take to the road this coming year. That is, the road between Rockford and Iowa City, Iowa. > More
Burnin' Up the Fifth Alarm Firehouse Pub
It was a cool Saturday night in downtown Byron, but it was blazin' hot at the Fifth Alarm Firehouse Pub because Agnus Jackson was on the stage. This trio was rockin' the house with a mixture of high-energy rock and blues. > More
Feelin' the Funk with Big Daddy Woo Woo
Saturday February, 22- Big Daddy Woo Woo was right on. From the first bass drop to the last, the crowd at Hard Hat Bar and Grill found themselves moving in their seats and shuffling their feet. > More
Cher at Oscar's?
Well not exactly Cher, alright in some cases not even close. Last night bar goers at Oscar's Pub and Grill had a lot more to talk about than the famed saltwater fish tank. Thanks to 97 ZOK and Budweiser, patrons were treated to a Cher look-a-like contest in which both men and women impersonators had the opportunity to go on stage and perform their favorite Cher tune. > More
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