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Date: 04/28/2003
Burnin' Up the Fifth Alarm Firehouse Pub
by Gregory C. Johnson
It was a cool Saturday night in downtown Byron, but it was blazin' hot at the Fifth Alarm Firehouse Pub because Agnus Jackson was on the stage. This trio was rockin' the house with a mixture of high-energy rock and blues.

Agnus Jackson is Larry "Elwood" Hill on bass and lead vocals, Prezell "PD" Davis on guitar and vocals, and Mike "Animal" Armato on drums. The band agrees that it's hard work being just a three piece band, but these guys pull it off with exceptional ability and a "magic" that is hard for bands to find.

They got their name through one of those odd circumstances that legends are made of. An elderly woman brought her car in for service where Mike worked. While working on her car, he came upon a collection of hard rock/heavy metal music. Of course he was curious, so when she came to pick up her car Mike asked about the selection of music in the car. She said that it was hers and the she was just a "rock n' roll" grandma. Her name is Agnes Jackson. Mike asked if they could use her name for the band, and she agreed. The guys just switch the 'e' in Agnes to a 'u' and Agnus Jackson was born.

Agnus Jackson plays a cross section of rock and blues tunes from classics to modern day in addition to playing their own material. You can hear songs from Bon Jovi all the way to a remake of a classic Tom Jones hit, "She's A Lady". About 40 percent of the bands music is made up of original compositions of which each member contributes. The band agrees that having the crowd get up and dance to their original music is one of the things that makes an evening great.

So what do guys have coming up in the future? They are back in the recording studio in July and August and they have a full schedule of dates set for the next few months. Some of the highlights for Agnus Jackson in the near future include:

"A Concert Party Bus Trip" to their show at the U.S Beet company. You can sign up for the "Concert Party Bus" that will take you to their show at Chicago's U.S. Beer Company on Friday, May 30, 2003. Besides Agnus Jackson, Crimson Tyde and One Little Sin will be playing at the show. Check out for all the details.

On June 6th, the band will be playing at Hog Fest to celebrate Harley Davidson's 100 birthday.

Then on July 12th, the guys will be opening for the legendary Jimmy Van Zant at Croc's Pub.

Get all the details about upcoming shows at

One thing you can say about Agnus Jackson is that they can definitely rock the house. Their energy and passion for their music permeates the crowd and that gets them up and dancing. Their namesake Mrs. Jackson would be proud.
Contact Information
Agnus Jackson
Matthew Bowers - A.D.H. META Productions, Inc.
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