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In Times Like These
Recorded live with a symphony orchestra (the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra), this is the latest disc from Arlo Guthrie and it might well be his best. > More
The Shadow Out of Tim
There’s really something great about music that can be both everyday listening and specially suited for getting you in the Halloween spirit – such is The Shadow Out of Tim. > More
Shadow of the Raven
If you want some great music to get you in the mood for Halloween, Nox Arcana’s latest disc (combining music with the works of Edgar Allan Poe – how can you go wrong) is just about perfect. > More
Training Day - The Mix Tape Volume II
There’s a phenomenon in music known as the sophomore jinx which says that usually a group’s second release doesn’t stand up to their debut. The Bridge shows that the jinx doesn’t apply to them. > More
Seedig Bale
Quick – name off your five favorite Taiwanese bands! OK, so you might not have heard of any bands from Taiwan – until now that is. > More
Freak 'N' Roll - Into the Fog
So, you’ve seen that The Black Crowes are coming to On The Waterfront and want a preview, then this live album is exactly what you need. > More
Someone Else's Eyes
In the modern era of "oh so perfect" recordings, we've forgotten the raw charm that is a disc with a little bit of an unfinished or "rough around the edges" production value. > More
The Way To Get Around It
It seems like so many CD's these days feel like just a collection of variants on the same song over and over again. > More
Frost of Watermelon
How often do you get to see an international music act in a club in Rockford? > More
External Affairs
Ligion will be coming to Rockford next month, playing Elixur along with Soil and Seemless. > More
I have to say that I am amazed at the amount of great hip hop coming out of the Rockford area. > More
How many of you were out there going to shows in the 1970's? Well, if your hand is raised you might remember Pentwater. These guys played the Rockford area quite a few times in their original incarnation - remember the old Great Illinois Purchase? After an exceptionally long hiatus this Chicago area progressive rock band has released their new CD Ab-Dul, and it is an awesome return to form. > More
California Guitar Trio are frequent visitors to the Rockford area and with their imminent return on March 10th, it seems a great time to have a look at their latest studio effort. While it has been a few years since Whitewater was released, the album still holds up wonderfully. It manages to encompass the scope and breadth of the type of music the band consistently produce, while still holding up as an extremely entertaining disc. > More
The Chosen Few
For those who say that nothing cool comes out of Rockford, I have to call you to the table and firmly disagree. There is some really interesting music being created in the greater Rockford area. A lot is coming from metal bands like Southview, goth outfits like Reverend Agony and the "what is this really" category like The Heavils, but (as Judah The Lyrical Rev and now The Bridge have shown), hip hop is alive and thriving in the area. > More
All Dressed Up
First Round Failure is a band with local ties. Matt McGrath (guitar and vocals) is a Rockford resident. The rest of the band hails from the Chicago suburbs, but as you might guess they are frequently featured on Rockford stages. They released this, their first CD in October and it provides a fine example of the group's blend of emo and pop into a sound that is all their own - but still maintains an air of familiarity. > More
These Days
Vince Gill is coming to the Rockford Metro Centre in February and that would seem to be as good a reason as any to have a look at his latest release - These Days. Whether you like country music or not there should be things on this package to enjoy. Without question you have to respect the man, his music and his passion for his art. > More
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