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Date: 10/20/2008
Portugal The Man - Church Mouth
Fearless Records © 2007
Reviewed by Gary Hill
out of

I have always enjoyed music that merges seemingly diverse styles to create a sound that is purely unique. Portugal The Man's Church Mouth CD is one such creation. With the group playing Dekalb's House Cafe next month it seemed a great time to have a look at this disc here.

While much of this music has a bit of a "strange" nature, it's really quite strong. You'll at times here 1970's era progressive rock in the mix. Still other moments are more in the punk rock vein. There's healthy helpings of psychedelia to be found here and there, too. All of this is delivered in a capsule that's quite catchy and fits nicely into the realm of "pop" music. You'll hear the blues on the disc, too. I'm betting you will also pick up on plenty of Led Zeppelin like sounds while you are at it.

The thing is, the music might be hard to categorize and pigeonhole, but it's far from hard to enjoy. These guys are creative and extremely talented. Coming from Alaska, perhaps Sarah Palin would endorse them. That really doesn't matter, though because I like them with or without her approval. I'm betting you will, too.


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