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Date: 10/24/2008
Senses Fail - Life Is Not A Waiting Room
Vagrant Records © 2008
Reviewed by Gary Hill
out of

Senses Fail will be hitting Chubby Rain on November 7th and I got a chance to check out their new CD in anticipation of their appearance. The disc is my first taste of the band, and I have to say I’m game for additional helpings. This meal is one that leaves you satisfied and ready to visit this restaurant again.

The music has a lot in common with the modern emo inspired pop rock that’s so popular these days. While a lot of that music can be whiny and a little light weight, though, these guys really rock out. They seem to have as much modern metal in their mix of sound as they do the emo elements.

This CD really rocks out. I know there are a lot of you out there who would turn a group like this away without really listening – just because of the modern pop rock nature of the beast. Well, that would be your loss because these guys are the cream of the crop. They bring enough fire and power to the table to make it interesting and unique, but yet they keep it accessible and catchy. That’s a hard balance to pull off but they make it easy.

If I have an issue with the CD it’s when they work their way into the gruff numetal growling. Personally I don’t like that style of singing and it kind of turns me off. That’s really just a matter of taste, though. They do also move off a bit too far into the whiny vocals, too, though. But that only happens at one point on the disc and it’s short-lived.

Overall this is a strong album that shows off what can be done within the realm of modern hard rock. It demonstrates how quality music can be created within the confines of the genre. It also shows just how strong that sound can be in the right hands. Pick up the disc as it becomes available and get out to Chubby Rain and see these guys!

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