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Date: 08/25/2009
The Daredevil Christopher Wright - In Deference to A Broken Back
Amble Down Records © 2009
Reviewed by Gary Hill
out of

The Daredevil Christopher Wright are appearing in Dekalb tomorrow night and with that in mind I'd like to have a look (or listen) to their debut release. I'd have to say that you've probably never heard an album quite like this one. Parts of it feel like classical music - and have that kind of instrumentation. Other parts are folk. The thing is, there's a quirky, modern, indie pop to all of it. This is catchy and quirky at the same time. I'd have to say that it's not really my cup of tea completely, but I find it oddly compelling. If you like that off-kilter sort of pop you'll love this album. Whether you like it or hate it, though (and I really can't imagine anyone actually hating it), you'll find that the band are incredibly talented and ambitious. They are very open to taking risks with their sound and it pays off in a very unique sounding release.

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