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Date: 07/10/2009
Rusted Root - Stereo Rodeo
Adrenaline © 2009
Reviewed by Gary Hill
out of

Whenever I heard the name “Rusted Root” for some reason I thought of the group as a reggae outfit. Well, that’s not what we’ve got here at all. Don’t get me wrong, I like reggae, but it can be limited – and this seems to be a band who recognize no boundaries or limitations. The music here is all over the place – but always entertaining.

At times you are likely to make out some country music. At other points you’ll hear old school indie rock like Camper Van Beethoven. You will probably also pick out some Radiohead here and there. There’s even plenty of old school prog rock in this mix. We even get an Elvis Presley cover, some old Rolling Stones and some funk. And yeah, I suppose there is some reggae here. Want some punk rock? We’ve got bits of that, too. The thing is, it’s all woven into a tapestry that’s unique, even if we can recognize some of the threads that are within.

This is a great disc and the band are coming to Dekalb (at Otto’s) to show off their live show. If this album is any indication it should be a great show. The band might wander from styling to styling and create all kinds of interesting sounds, but they never fail to amuse and amaze. I highly recommend picking this one up. I also highly recommend making the show.

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