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Date: 02/29/2008
JCVD - Leaders of the Meownarchy
Independent © 2007
Reviewed by Gary Hill
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This EP from local band JCVD should please fans of frantic hardcore based extreme music. These guys are the real deal. They are extremely talented and have a precision and power to their music that is sometimes missing from this type of sound. Don’t think that means this is some kind of technical metal, though. JCVD delivers a raw and uncompromising sound that will probably send the less extreme music fans running for cover. If you enjoy this type of aural onslaught, though, give it a try. You’ll really like this. It’s furiously fast and quite often leans on the brutal side.

On all but one of the EP’s seven tracks, JCVD show that they subscribe to the theory of get in, do your damage and get back out. None of the first six songs here is longer than a minute and 34 seconds. Even that last number, though, is actually far shorter. It’s more of a hidden track with a minute or so of silence before we get a techno styled musical motif. This then works through and we get another short punk/hardcore jam. This has a definite old school Metallica feel to it and is an instrumental. And by that Metallica reference, I’m talking back when they were a raw thrash band – not the later incarnations.

You can check the band out on myspace at and get the CD there. You can also stop by B.T.A. Records (two of the members of the band are owners of that store) on Broadway to pick it up. This won’t be for everyone, but for fans of the genre, it’s a great disc. The group is recording more material now and I, for one, can’t wait to hear it.

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