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Date: 02/29/2008
Pelican - City Of Echoes
© 2007
Reviewed by Gary Hill
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Pelican is a Chicago band that’s headlining a show at The House Café in Dekalb tonight. Fans of doomy, stoner rock should appreciate some of the music onthis disc, but I’d say that overall their sound isn’t exactly a tight fit into that musical style. The group incorporate many of the same musical idioms one finds in stoner rock, but they are not afraid of moving in other directions either.


The CD takes the listener on a journey through a series of musical landscapes. At times they turn more towards jam rock and you might even hear some surf music and pure psychedelia in their mix. You might even hear some traces of progressive rock from time to time. The truth is, these guys have a uniquely diverse musical identity that crosses a lot of identities. We even get something close to bluegrass.


The one thing you won’t find on this CD is singing. I’d have to say that for my tastes it could have used some vocals. Still, as strong as this disc is, that’s a minor quibble. You’ve still got time to get out and see this band tonight – just head down to The House Café. Whether you make the show or not you should pick up the CD. It’s quite a unique and pleasant listening experience - especially if you enjoy creative and powerful rock from a band that’s not afraid of bending genres here and there. These guys prove that they can lay down a riff with the best of them, groove with the greats and just plain entertain.

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