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Date: 06/05/2008
Starlite Radio - 22 Blackbirds
Littlebeck Records © 2008
Reviewed by Gregory C. Johnson
out of

This new release from Starlite Radio shows that this band is filled with talent.  22 Blackbirds weaves its way through a number of different musical styles that overlay the bands acoustic rock base. 

The CD’s main focus stays with the acoustic style that Starlite Radio’s fans have come to love.  The final track, “The Winter Moon Is Fading”, is a beautiful acoustic rock piece which is the perfect example of the strength of the bands songwriting and performance capabilities which is evident throughout each track.  “Annie’s Trouble” has a down home honky tonk type of feel.  Then there is “Out of Your Reach” which is just a good old head bobbin’ rock song.  The title track “22 Blackbirds” has a bluesy sometimes sultry feel from the vocals of lead singer Jessica MacDonald.

I really like this CD.  I have no doubt Starlite Radio fans will love this CD.  If you enjoy listening to well crafted music that has a soft acoustic feel, then "22 Blackbirds" from Starlite Radio may just capture your ear; permanently.

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