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Date: 05/11/2008
Kevin Wood - Kindred
© 2008
Reviewed by Gregory C. Johnson
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There are those CD’s that find a permanent place in your CD player. After listening to “Kindred”, you may just feel as I do and not take this CD out of your player for quite some time. “Kindred” is the third release from Kevin Wood which again showcases his talents for composing, performing and producing a wonderful selection of music.
“Kindred” is a beautiful combination of relaxing rhythms, lush orchestrations and soft melodies that can take a person away from the stresses of the day. Wood uses more melodic vocal tracks in his songs than he did with his previous two releases; “Scenic Listening” and “Sacred.” The vocal melodies and chants are from a variety of traditional musical such as Native American, Indian, Celtic, Gaelic and Gregorian.  The vocal tracks are perfectly woven in with the instrumentals of this CD and provide a new sound for those listeners familiar with Wood’s previous works.
For those people that are familiar with Wood’s music, “Kindred” will be a welcomed addition to their collection. If you haven’t yet heard Kevin Wood’s music, then “Kindred” is a great piece for your first experience. Just place this CD in your player, sit back in your favorite chair and let the music take you to on a relaxing journey through your imagination.
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