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The Kilt and Clover - Celtic Goods For Everyone
If you are one of those people who can't get enough of all things Celtic, then you really should check out The Kilt and Clover. Imagine a store that specializes in unique Irish and Scottish items is right here in the Forest City. With a selection that includes clothing, books, music, edible goods, jewelry, musical instruments and Irish china, this store should be on your "frequent stops" list. > More
Rustic Creations by Dried Expressions

Fourteen years ago, Jeff and Charemon Anderson turned their love of crafts into a small business showcasing their wares at local craft shows.  There were times when they would display at twenty six shows a year.  They have now settled down to a manageable six shows a year and have just opened their own shop.

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Culture Shock - A Taste of the Unique
How many times has this happened to you? You go into the store at the mall with all the cool counterculture clothing and buy a new T-shirt that's really great. Then you go out that night with your new find, only to see that there are another ten people wearing the same shirt. Well, that's because you didn't go to Culture Shock. > More
The Pumpkin Patch - Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin Would Approve
Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin would be pleased if they visited Caledonia, Illinois. That's because Caledonia is where they would find the Pumpkin Patch. While they may not be headed to the Pumpkin Patch, you should be. Located on Highway 173, It is a delight for all ages. > More
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