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Block 5 - 2003
This is Block 5's Tenth Year! What started as a two day Arts & Music festival in the Fall each year has grown and evolved into one of downtown Rockford's premier music events of the Summer. > More
"Lay the willow on that onion!"
Baseball. A warm summer's day in the stands with a cold drink and a "red hot"watching your favorite team going for a win, this is a little slice of heaven for those die hard "kranks" (baseball fans). Yet very few in the Northern Illinois area know of the impact this area has had on our "National Pastime." > More
"With a Capital 'B' and That Rhymes With 'P' and That Stands For 'Pool'"
"State and Madison." For those that have spent their lives here in "River City," just hearing that simple phrase brings back numerous fond memories. The soda shop, the night club, the bowling alley, the former Irish Rose location, and of course the billiard room bring on a smile as part of those recollections. > More
Trek Over To LAN Planet For Hi-Tech Fun And Games
Did you ever wish you had a whole room full of networked PC's so that you and your friends could go head to head on your favorite games? Well, have no fear, because LAN Planet has just that. > More
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