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Dine in Mexico Without Leaving Rockford

If you're wishing for a trip to Mexico, but the money or time is standing in your way, perhaps a trek to 3725 East State Street (across from the Driver's License Bureau) might be the answer. That's where you'll find San Jose Taqueria. The atmosphere and authentic cuisine will definitely provide a taste of that land south of the border.

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Leonardi's Charhouse - Upscale Dining For The Whole Family
Leonardi's Charhouse manager Randy Tallet says that the vision of owner Matt Ameti was to create a restaurant with a menu of high quality foods and an atmosphere that lets you feel at ease bringing your kids. With that in mind they have created an establishment with a classy d├ęcor and an eclectic menu, but all at competitive prices. The facility also boasts a roomy bar for those looking to go out for a few cocktails. > More
Kiki B's - Chicago Neighborhood Dining Comes Home To Rockford
Kiki Benson had been wanting to expand her business, A Movable Feast for years. So, when the opportunity opened at Edgebrook Shopping Center, she jumped at the chance, both creating the new restaurant/bar Kiki B's and moving her existing establishment to that location. > More
Chubby Rain House of Tunes - A High-Tech Musical Venue in the Heart of Small Town Solitude
Are you tired of the same few clubs to see live bands or the drive to Chicago for more selection? Well, it might be a little bit of a drive (but certainly not as far as Chi-town, Madison or Milwaukee), but there is a new place to go. Chubby Rain House of Tunes is located in Poplar Grove, Illinois, near Belvidere. While you might have to make your way past some cornfields to get there, it's large dance floor and killer stage (not to mention solid entertainment) should be well worth the trip. > More
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