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The Lost Christmas Eve
The latest CD by Trans-Siberian Orchestra continues a rich tradition of producing rock operas with a Christmas theme. The format has endeared them both to fans of hard edged progressive rock and progressive metal and two a wider audience looking for a contemporary musical holiday experience.  > More
Lonely Traveler
Picking this CD up the cover gives you the impression that what you have in your hand might be the new release from some teen idol like Justin Timberlake. If you get past that, and give the disc a spin, though, you'll soon discover that this differs from teen idol material by having substance and actual talent on display > More
Weary Path
OK, I have to start this by saying I give bonus points for any band who uses a Lester Bangs quote on the entrance page to their website. Well, not really, if I go around saying that then EVERY band will have a Lester Bangs quote on their site. Still, it is very cool! > More
What's the best thing you can expect from a new CD release? In today's world of cookie cutter pop songs and replayed rhythms, it's hard to find a CD release that can capture your attention or your imagination. Nicholas Gunn's "Breathe" far surpasses any moderate expectations you may have for many of today's musical artists. > More
Money, Marketing, & Myths inside the Musician's Corner Volume One
"Money, Marketing, & Myths Inside the Musician's Corner Volume One" audio program is full of proven strategies for marketing and selling yourself and your music effectively. "The Musician's Corner Volume One" also tackles the tricky task of effective communication inside this business of music. > More
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