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The Festival Of Lights

Rockford's Festival of Lights is one of the annual fixtures of the holiday season. It seems like it is impossible to imagine this time of year without the event. Well, we have no longer to wait because the Festival of Lights is here. It's time to enjoy the spirit of the season. And this event is designed to put the "ho ho ho" into your holiday.

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The Strange Sound of Cthulhu - Book Signing

Phoenix Traders is hosting a book signing for The Strange Sound of Cthulhu - Music Inspired by the Writings of H. P. Lovecraft by local writer Gary Hill in our new Wicca and New Age reading room - Sacred Moon at Phoenix Traders.

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2007 RAMI Nominations Are Now Open

Nominations for the 2007 RAMI are now open. Musician/Musical Group, Recordings, Community Service and Lifetime Achievement nomination forms are available online at  Nominations will be taken through December 15th, 2006. 

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The Strange Sound of Cthulhu: Music Inspired by the Writings of H.P. Lovecraft
H.P. Lovecraft's website bio asserts that he is "probably best known as a writer of weird fiction, but some believe his voluminous correspondence to be his greatest accomplishment."  Gary Hill, owner and publisher of e-zine Music Street Journal, can be compared in more than a few ways to Lovecraft. > More
Ground Level - No Stopping A Good Thing
Ground Level is now in its 5th year on television and approaching 90 episodes filmed. That just goes to show that good things do stay around in Rockford. For those not in the know, Ground Level is described as a "local Jay Leno" by its host Tom Leu. > More
Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - One of Illinois' Most Haunted Locales Only A Drive Away

It's getting to be Halloween time again and that means another Beet Café haunting installment is also upon us. This time we're going to turn our attention to something a little (but not too much) farther away. Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is in the Southern part of Chicago and is considered to be the most haunted place in that city (and some would say one of the most haunted in the world).

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Are You Romantically Inclined? - The Romantics Are Coming To Rockford

September 2nd will see the return of The Romantics to Rockford. They'll be playing the Oasis stage at On The Waterfront, which will put them only a short jaunt from where I first saw them at the Rockford Metro Centre. On a mismatched bill with Donnie Iris and UFO, the band put in a strong showing that time, just as I'm sure they will this time around.

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15-Year Old Blues Guitarist Reggie Sears Kicks off Stateline Tour

There's a new ax slinger in town, and his name is Reggie Sears.

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Stressed? Try letting go from the very core of your being
Sounds difficult but it's not. The process involves releasing the psoas muscle, the largest and main core stability muscle and it's as easy as doing nothing at all. > More
The Natural Singer Workshop

Find Your True Voice!

Sing Like You've Always Wanted!

All Levels Welcome!

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The Richard Vobes Radio Show Tours the Coronado Theater

At the invitation of, the UK's most prolific podcaster, Richard Vobes, stopped by for a visit to the Coronado Theater during his Pods Across America Tour.  The Vobes tour has gone from Chicago to Wisconsin to Texas and back again during a two week tour of the Midwest. 

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Doris LaMarca Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

One of the winners of the RAMIs Lifetime Achievement Award for 2006 is one of Rockford's very first divas. Originally a student of opera at The Conservatory of Music in Rockford, opportunity knocked very early in Doris LaMarca's life.

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NAT Presents the Who's "Tommy" - Win a Tommy Pinball Machine
New American Theater is shaking things up, as in rock and roll.  The Who's rock opera Tommy is buzzing through the rehearsal halls creating a kind of energy that hasn't been felt before at NAT. > More
Tom Leu - A Rockford Success Story
While the name may not be quite a household one, with as many high profile ventures as he's been involved with, you should know it. Whether you are into the local music scene, watch local access cable TV or find your interest in motivational (he prefers the term inspirational) speakers, chances are you've come across the man. > More
Music Mix Series: "A Wordless MIx"
This is the first in a new series of "music mix" features.  Our inaugeral feature is "A Wordless Mix." > More
Coming Together to Move Into the Future - the RAMI Association

Over sixty members of the local music community got together on January 26th at Giovanni's to discuss major changes to the RAMI Awards and to launch a new local music organization: the RAMI Association.

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"Improvidelic" Rock and Roll come to Mary's Place

Having played to ecstatic audiences in some of the finest music venues in and around the Midwest, StoneFloat, the originators of Improvidelic Rock and Roll in which hard soulful rock is fused together with the spoken word, will perform two full sets of music at Mary's Place in Rockford, IL on Saturday, January 28, 2006.

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One Night: Two Great Reggae Acts! How Can It Miss?

On January 14th Mary's Place will be jamming, mon. That's because it will be playing host to two powerful reggae acts. For fans of the musical style, this will be one not to be missed. For those who just like to get out and party, it should be on your "to-do" list, as well. In many ways, there isn't much more fun to be had at a club than jamming and grooving to some killer reggae.

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