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Snydley Whiplash
Contact Information:
Brian Hazelwood - 815.742.4670
Brian Perkins - 815.761.7571
We are a local band playing in the Rockford/Northern Illinois area. We play primarily classic rock, but we’re likely to play just about anything that moves us. So at any given show, you might hear a little blues, a little country (our way), and some newer stuff, maybe even a few originals from time to time. Our philosophy is to get the crowd moving, even if it’s just "butt" dancing in their chairs. NO BORING MUSIC! We want to keep it fun, all the time. So...come on out, enjoy a show, shake your groove thang and....bring friends!
Band Members Brian Perkins (Wichita) RAMI winner with 420 Band - lead vocals, harmonica, percussion, other assorted ear candy; Brian Hazelwood (Mister B) RAMI winner with Class Reunion Band - guitars, vocals, lots of cords & lots of chords; Pete Palmenderi (Father Guido) RAMI winner with Toad Soup - bass guitar & vocals; Jeremy Williams (Animal) - drums
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