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Better Late Than Lenny
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Steve Gibbons - 815-575-0964
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BLTL's home town is in Marengo, IL. There are 5 members in the band: a big bad bassist, 3 almost totally bad guitarists, one of whom sometimes maybe might play a keyboard sometimes in not somuch as aforementioned in a not good, bad way, a drummer, and a guy who likes to use run-on sentences; that makes a total of 6 members, thereby not adding up to 5, but there are 5, really. There are 5 members of the band - that's what you should really take away from this. What we play is not really as important as what we are - 5 guys in a band.

The five members of BLTL have been playing together since high school. In fact, they all went to high school together. They changed their name to BLTL in 2005 because they hated explaining, spelling, and pronouncing their original band name. It was really annoying. The new band name, in case you're wondering, doesn't have any significant meaning, and it's spelled and pronunciated however you want it to be. So, there. Oh, and don't tell Ed about the new name; he doesn't know.

The 5 members include: Ed "E.D." Dalton on drums, Craig "Jasper" Cowan on lead guitar, Dennis "Greased Lighting" Feltner also on lead guitar, Steve "Jasper Jr." Gibbons on rhythm guitar, and Phil "Hot Beverage" Preston on lead and rhythm bass. The vocals are provided by, but not limited to, "Jasper", "Jasper Jr.", and "Greased Lighting", a.k.a. "Lightning that has been greased so as to travel faster", if you're not in to the whole brevity thing. They originate from, and, for the most part, are still located in Marengo, IL.

Their shows really tie the room together. After they tie the room together, they play covers, originals, and made-up-on-the-spot jams in a bluesy, rock-your-balls-off-if-you-re-not-hangin-'-on-to-'-em sort-a way. Look at all them hyphens!-(-). They are not-yet-world-yet-locally-renowned for their ability to waste more time than anyone could possibly perceive, anywhere. It took three of them four hours to write this paragraph... no, seriously, it did. With that in mind, you can hire them for a gig (-) or see them play, and be completely satisfied.
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