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First Round Failure
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In January of 2005, three long time musicians (Tim Mackin, Shaun Malott, and Matt McGrath) came together to form an eclectic band that showcases many styles, loads of laughs, and most importantly&good looks. Thats a trifecta that not many human beings can resist. They were actually going to call themselves 3M due to their similar last initials, but when they went to tape a flyer for a show up to a wall, they noticed that the tape they were using was made by 3M, so that idea was completely moot. Now you can probably understand why they think their current name is so fitting.

Someone once told them that theyre not a One trick pony. I dont know who that person was, but they were correct. You will hear a wide variety of genres in their music. Genres such as alternative rock, indie rock, punk, and pop. I guess you could say that they are a 4 trick pony. Actually, ponies kind of freak them out, so maybe you could call them a 4 trick Llama, or whatever your favorite animal may be.

First Round Failure is polished and has been playing in and around Chicago at private parties and at venues such as Penny Road Pub, The Mutiny, Big Horse Lounge and Fantasy Lounge. They will showcase the songs/good looks that theyve been preparing over their career&well, theyd like to show off the songs at least. They will rock your pants off so hard that you will forget about the fact that the whole good looks thing was a bit of a stretch.
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