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Civilian Vibe
Contact Information:
Jay and Kay Pitney - 815-543-9643
This genre-jumping group of musicians gives a live performance that is packed with heartfelt numbers that progressively bring the audience in tune with their soul. Blues, funk, and soulful jazz, Civilian Vibe produces a musical evolution of sound and sensation.

Influenced by a web of twenty plus years of experience as musicians, writers, recording artists, and in recording studios, their performance together is a collective, eclectic mesh that is both electrifying and satisfying.

Tim (Skinny Stick) Scott is Passionate about Percussions! He started playing the drums at the age of 11. In the early years his musical influence was Harvey Mason. Grounded in R & B and Jazz, he is creative in percussions by playing all types including accoustic drums, and electronic drums.

Michael McDermott speaks fluent bass, drum, and guitar. He also explores music and creativity through writing, singing and recording, and his love for what he does results in an impressive performance. He is very driven in his music. He has a charm and graciousness about his music and his personna that makes him both likeable and easy to listen to.

Dan Pitney plays every stringed instrument in North America! His finest talent, however, is reserved for the steel guitar, and he gives a blues defining performance that is at once contemporary and timeless. Hes tall, talented, tenacious, technical, tolerable, topmost and in Tune at all times! His knowledge of music both in the recording studio and on the stage gives a sound of perfection with each performance.

Jay Pitney has had the bass guitar in his blood for over 20 years, although during the last 7 years he has developed a taste for drums. Whatever, he embraces his talent with an all encompassing passion that serves to fuel the musical moment. (Plus, he likes to be called the Lean Mean Bass Machine).
He also plays the stand up Kay Bass!!

Whether they are playing on a main stage or a smaller venue; playing with musical legends, or anyone who will listen - Civilian Vibe creates an environment that expresses their genuine love of their craft and their audience.
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