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Clark Plays Guitar
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Clark Colborn
815-975-0064 -
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Guitarist Clark Colborn spent years ripping through the Midwest club and outdoor festival scene with bands such as Cheater, Rogue, and Sleight of Hand. Audiences roared their approval, sometimes numbering nearly 10,000 strong for a single show. Often compared to artists such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, he felt the need to continue as a solo artist, choosing the name Clark Plays Guitar for both his band and his debut CD release. The CD has received critical acclaim from as far away as Australia, Europe, & China, in addition to spawning a Number One Internet Radio hit. Clark, bassist Mike Roberts and drummer Joel Deluna all live in the Rockford area.
Listen to a sample of our music:
Knights with Mystical Powers
Smoke & Mirrors
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