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"Starrunner is a hot new group that is building a very large following in Chicago and throughout the Midwest. Keep your eyes on these guys!" -Chicago Tribune.

Starrunner’s music is a mix of rock, funk, jazz and interstellar space presented in a quasi-jamband/pop format. The songs feel good, much like the perfect groove on the perfect day. They will bring a smile to your grin and a step to your strut. It’s half contrived, half improvisation or maybe the other way around.

Collectively, the members of Starrunner have been playing in the top clubs and venues in Chicago and throughout the Midwest for the past six years, including the Double Door, Schuba”s, Cubby Bear, Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Wise Fool’s Pub, Elbo Room, Joe’s on Weed, Martyr’s, Beat Kitchen, Lyons Den, Gunther Murphy’s, Kryptonite, Peace Fest, May Fest, Fitzgerald’s, The Boulevard, Sammy Ks and others, as members of the bands Hundo and The Blues Monks. Now they have joined forces to continue the journey.

Influences include Jimi, The Meters, Zepplin, Coltrane, Stevie Wonder, Salvodore Dali, Phish, Miles, MMW, Monk, the Dead, Old Style, Ben Harper, Randy Savage, Marley, Harley, chicks, Timothy Leary, Silent Bob, Herbie Hancock, Public Enemy, The Crowes (Black and Cameron, not Russell), Beatles and everyone else.
So, if you’re looking for feel good music unlike anything you’ve heard, look no further.

Starrunner’s lyrics come from a unique view of the things that make the worlds go round. Love, frustration, joy, war, spirituality, peace, devotion, tragedy, elation, and everything else. The message is hopeful without sounding like an inspirational speaker. In these days of global and cultural turmoil, we are all searching for answers, for someone to whom we can look. Starrunner believes that it is to each other that we must look. No blame placed, no prejudice excersized, no mass killings in the name of circumstance. Rather we believe it is wiser to live life fully, love and laugh, and concentrate on our willingness to understand one another while embracing our differences. The world and our attitudes toward one another depend upon what we do with it. Each generation is an influence on the next, and in our music we try to be a good influence on the next generation by writing songs about having fun, loving, losing, loving to lose, losing to gain.

And it’s not just the lyrics. The improvisational style in which they play is coming from that indefinable place deep in your soul. The band believes that the best way to convey how they feel musically is in the live show. The energy from the audience hits the band and they play specifically to that energy allowing it to build on top of the energy of the crowd, thus creating a cyclical sharing of the experience that you cannot recreate in the studio. This means that Starrunner is on the road constantly, sharing the music the best way they know how.

If you are interested, please contact us regarding any opportunities you may have available.

Thank you in advance for your support, we sincerely hope you enjoy the music.

Ryan Behling, vocals
Oscar Loubriel, Drums
Dallas Wade, Guitar
Scott Shellberg, Bass
Peter James, Keyboard
Listen to a sample of our music:
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