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Crooked Post Studios
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Jason Jeras - 815 227 4104
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Crooked Post Studios was intended and will always be intended as an alternative to bigger, overpriced and over crowded recording studios. The concept for the studio started out very modest in fact. Over beers with some friends one night, we thought, why can't we build our own recording studio? After serveral drinks, the idea really set in to me that Rockford musicians needed a new place to go where they wouldn't feel pressured to work fast because of over pricing. I already had a relaxing atmospere in my home, so the rest was easy. We went to work, and 2 months later, wallah! Crooked Post Studios was born.

Here at Crooked Post, YOU are in control of YOUR music and how it will sound. I take a very hands off approach when it comes to your music. I'm not a "producer". You worked very hard to get that song the way you wanted it, and nobody has the business to tell you how to rearrange it. I will, however, give my opinion if I am asked for one. Remember, I am working for you.

I DO NOT USE PRO-TOOLS!!! Pro tools was designed to make not so good musician sound like something they're not. I'm a firm believer in music being "natural". The Beatles didn't have pro tools. The Grateful Dead would never use it. Even current artist such as the Foo Fighters don't use it! If your looking to be something your not, this isn't the place for you.
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