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Date: 11/28/2005
Wicked Liz and The Bellyswirls - Nearly Local Act With An International Following
by Gary Hill

What? You've never heard of Wicked Liz and The Bellyswirls? Well, truth be told, I hadn't either - and that's a shame. This group is based out of the quad cities, and for an independent act they have quite a few interesting qualities. For one thing in six years there hasn't been a single lineup change. For anyone that's even been in or followed club type bands, that's an almost unheard of situation. They are self-described as "one of the mid-west's hardest working bands." This hard work translates, among other things, into a tight and high-energy live show. You can have the chance to check out that show on December 10th when the band makes their way to Rockford, gracing the stage at Kryptonite.


Since 1999 brothers Leo (guitar and backing vocals) and Bob Kelly (bass), Greg Hipskind (drums) and Wicked" Liz Treiber (lead vocals and acoustic guitar) have been working together under the name "Wicked Liz and the Bellyswirls." I'm not sure which I'd prefer to be called "wicked" or a "bellyswirl", but I guess that's a discussion for another time and place. Frequent and nearly constant touring has been the secret to many big bands' successes, and it is a way of life for this band. They have been doing it since the beginning, and it has gotten them an ever-growing fan base. They claim to have played such different venues as "festivals, colleges, bars, clubs, living rooms, back yards, baseball stadiums, coffee houses&" They also can put on their resume having shared the stage with such acts as Sugarland, Richard Marx, Ton Loc, REO Speedwagon and Hootie and the Blowfish. Looking at that list it's pretty easy to see both the prestige and the diversity.


While I'd have to say that the music I've heard from the group is probably best described as a "classic rock" sound, other reviewers have stated that the band's musical motif is very diversified and gets into country at times along with blues and funk. I suppose that those three styles really are a big part of the classic rock musical scheme, though - so it makes sense. The band has released three CD's of their music (with a DVD in the works), and listeners as far away as the Netherlands and Japan have purchased copies. They've been featured on public radio, too.


If you are thinking about going to see them (and why wouldn't you?) check out their website at for more information, to hear samples and generally get geared up. It's sure to be a killer show. You should definitely be a part of it.

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Wicked Liz and The Bellyswirls
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