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Date: 07/23/2005
Quiet Riot gets loud at Beloit Riverfest
by Lisa Palmeno

Back on "The Rock Never Stops" line-up, Quiet Riot rocked festival patrons at Beloit Riverfest on Sunday, July 17. Just after FireHouse and before Ratt and Cinderella, they opened with the insane lyrics "come on mama, we'er all crazee now!"


Lead Singer Kevin DuBrow kept up the antics with his shtick and intentionally lame jokes, such as the one about being on the "Metalmucil" tour. They might have gained a few years, but they proved they can still party on with the best of them as they sang about a couple of hookers from Tennessee on "Red Light Mama, Red Hot" and cried out "I don't need no doctor." They threw in phrases from Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" and made references to legendary blues songwriter Willie Dixon.


Pleading old allegiances, DuBrow yelled out "God Bless Randy Rhoads, wherever you are," after telling the audience not to forget him. "Fly On, My Sweet Angel" aptly followed, with deep, low end bass and drum duo. Then it was on to the classic "The Wild And The Young."


Quiet Riot saved their two big party hits "Cum On Feel The Noize" and "Bang Your Head" for the end. DuBrow insisted on audience participation on these songs, and many attendees seemed initially disinterested in the group thing, but they gave in and did it for the band.


The party tunes were great fun, but Quiet Riot really has some other great songs I had never heard before the Riverfest show. Most were more artistically-developed and well-written than the ones that made the charts, but isn't that the way it is?


The true highlight of the show was the bass player, Chuck Wright. DuBrow mentioned his name several times, and no wonder: He didn't just walk the dog; he ran it around the track and back. After a spectacular display of the bottom line's reason for existence, a Junior Wells' classic "Messin' With The Kid" was offered up as a sacrifice to the blues that bore them.


Alex Grossi (guitar), Frankie Bonali (drums), Wright, and DuBrow all took a brief intermission before heading to the meet-and-greet tables for autographs and photos. It was obvious that these guys are still having a good time on the scene, and it was good to finally get to check them out live.

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