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Date: 02/04/2005
Dragonfly Entertainment - It Might Just Be the Way for Your Band to Soar
by Gary Hill

If you are in a band, you know how frustrating it can be playing the same clubs to the same faces night after night, week after week, and not seeing your fan base grow. It can be really difficult to break out of the endless cycle. Well, Dragonfly Entertainment might have the answer for you. They offer a wide range of services to help the up and coming band make it in the tough world of the music industry. If you are in charge of a live music venue, Dragonfly has an answer for you, too.


The company is a multi-purpose booking/promotion/consultation firm, and they are taking a different approach to connecting bands with gigs. They operate as a network; linking bands from different regions to allow them access to one another's fan base. So, when the next Cheap Trick has built up a following in Rockford, they can link up with the new REO in Champaign. By the two bands playing gigs in each other's home ground, they maximize exposure to new fans. This is certainly a winning combination.


Owners Reid Jutras and GT Slocum started Dragonfly Entertainment in August of 2004, and already they are spreading their wings from focusing on Rockford area bands and venues to covering much of the Midwest.  Neither man is a rookie when it comes to the music business. Slocum is best known as The Pimps manager for the last four years, and Jutras performs that job for The Snaggs. Now they have decided to use their connections and knowledge to help other bands make it to the next step.


Their approach of booking a large number of high quality artists from the area means that when they call up a venue they can offer more than one group in only one phone call. They are not booking just any bands, though. They are handpicking bands that are new or on the rise. These groups all share two things - major potential and the need to take an extra step. Dragonfly Entertainment is striving to "create a liquid scene" Their goal is a Rockford scene that looks attractive to other touring bands from the Midwest and beyond. When they go to another city they work with other booking companies and make trades for their bands to then play in Rockford. Jutras says that, "a lot of it is gut instinct."


They don't just stop at booking, though. The company also offers a full market strategy analysis. They can help your band to rethink your entire package, and come up with a more unique and exciting look and feel for your press kits, posters and other materials. After all, aren't those things supposed to stand out and grab attention? Bands shouldn't send out kits that look just like everyone else's because they will wind up sitting in the same stack as everyone else's - rather than being looked at and listened to.


In addition to all of this, Jutras and Slocum also are working towards bringing national acts into the area on a regular basis. They even have their own Internet radio station at their website. Plus, Dragonfly has established in house booking rights to a number of Midwest venues. This allows club owners to focus on other areas of their operation than wondering where to find the next great band to book. With their knowledge of what makes a strong act, you can count on their bands to deliver.


So, if you are running a club and fed up with booking the same ten bands over and over, or if you are a band stuck in the rut of not being able to break out of your home area, check out Dragonfly Entertainment. They might just have your ticket. Their website is located at You can also get in touch with them by email at You can contact Reid Jutras at or by phone at 815-543-3808. He is in charge of the internet radio in addition to handling bookings. To contact GT Slocum about bookings you can email him at or call at 815-289-3217.
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