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Date: 05/29/2007
Court - An International Progressive Rock Band at Kryptonite
by Gary Hill
Running Music Street Journal, it probably doesn't come as a big surprise to anyone that I'm a huge fan of progressive rock. Because of this I was very excited to hear that an Italian prog rock band was coming to Kryptonite. While I hadn't heard of Court I can tell you that (with that situation rectified) these guys are extremely talented and very much in keeping with the progressive rock genre of the 1970's. If you like that style of music you really need to get to Kryptonite on the 13th of June to show your support for the genre. It's a great way to encourage more shows like this in the Rockford area - and you get to hear a great band in the process.

While those of us in the US may only just be hearing about Court, they've been around since 1990. They released their first album in 1993 and it got rave reviews. They started touring throughout Europe at that time, increasing their fan base and their reputation at once. As good as these guys are it's no shock that they would be wowing audiences wherever they played.

Their second disc came four years later. Once again the reviews were positive and the band continued to become an ever bigger presence in the European progressive rock scene. Their new album comes ten years after the last one and shows a band who have stayed true to their musical roots while still managing to keep their sound fresh and vital. It's no question that this vitality and musical integrity will lead to a killer show at Kryptonite.

If you follow progressive rock, you really need to make this show. It's a great way to check out a very talented band. Just as important, though, it's an excellent method of letting the people who schedule shows in Rockford that there is an audience for this type of band. If you want to see more prog rock, get out there and support this gig. Also, if you'd like to check the band out in advance, be sure to stop by their website at You can listen to some of their music there, check out some videoclips and more. The Court will be in session on June 13th at Kryptonite. You really should be there.

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