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Date: 01/28/2007
Vince Gill - The Music Moves Him These Days, Too
by Gary Hill

Touring to promote his massive work These Days, Vince Gill will be bringing his music to the Rockford Metro Centre on February 15th. While a lot of the songs at the show will be from that four disc set, you can expect to hear hits from all through Gill's 20 plus year career. You can also expect for Gill's love of the music to come through. He says that, "I am as passionate today as I have ever been about playing music."

Looking further to the artists' own words, he lays out more about his music and his wishes for the audience.  "I believe I'm better now than I've ever been, and my wish is for everybody to come along on this journey and really get the opportunity to see what I'm doing. The crux of it, for me, is that the desire and dream have not waned one bit. I am still moved by music, and wish others to be as well."

While Gill is certainly a country musician, there is more to him than just that. In fact, while all the discs of These Days have country music influences to them, the first is more of a rock and roll record. Honestly, much of the album shows inspirations from other points in the musical spectrum. While most of the guest musicians on the CD are country artists - there are others like Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow, as well. With that in mind, country music fans are probably the most likely people to appreciate Gill's sounds, but don't be surprised if there are rockers in his concert audience.

Gill's touring band includes almost 20 musicians, and that also adds to the versatility of the show. I guess if you wanted to put it all into a few generalizations, you could go with these: Twenty plus years of experience mean that you will get a professional show from Vince Gill in concert. The sense of experimentation shown by the new CD set showcases a versatility that will also come through. Most importantly, though, Gill loves music and wants to share that excitement with the audience. Isn't that what great musical experiences really boil down to, anyway?

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