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Date: 04/05/2005
Blood of Creation - More Than Meets the Eye
by Gary Hill

When the five members of Blood Of Creation hit the stage, you might expect to hear some form of new metal or alternative rock, or possibly even boy band tunes. You would be wrong. You also might expect that no good extreme metal can come from a bunch of Machesney Park 16-year-old guys - wrong again. This outfit, formerly known as Novacaine, plays a blend that drummer Zak Prielipp says they best describe "hardcore/death/metal. Basically we are a melodic death metal band with a lot of hardcore and heavy metal influences." The band's mix of these musical styles is a creative and unique blend, making them an exceptionally talented and powerful outfit.


They list their band influences as Between the Buried and Me, The Red Chord, Agnostic Front, Metallica, Caliban, Children of Bodom, Bleeding Through, Dream Theater, Cryptopsy and  Necrophagist, but when you look at some of the individual member's musical tastes, it becomes very apparent that there should be no surprise this band's music is different from others of the genre. Three of the five members include metallic progressive rock outfit Dream Theater as one of their favorite bands, and Zak lists their drummer Mike Portnoy as one of his personal influences. The band's guitarist Matt Fair includes DT guitarist John Petrucci among the musicians who have influenced him. In fact, progressive rock seems to figure heavily into Zak's leanings as he also includes Virgil Donati (Planet X), Neil Peart (Rush) and Terry Bozzio (UK, Frank Zappa) among those who have had an impact on his playing. In fact, the only one he lists who wouldn't qualify as a prog drummer is Bleeding Through's sticksman Derek Youngsma. The entire lineup's  (the two previously mentioned plus Prielipp's brother Jake - bass, Andrew Meier - vocals and Ryan Hammack - rhythm guitar) list of favorites includes such diverse artists as Pain of Salvation, The Misfits, Iron Maiden and Black Flag. Obviously with such a diverse range of artists, it's understandable that their sound is all their own.


Dr. Abner Mality (a.k.a. Mike Korn) of Wormwood Chronicles, one of Rockford's music critics most well versed in the heavy music scene had the following to say about one of the band's shows - "I was very pleasantly surprised by these lads' heaviness. In fact, they were one of the more death metal oriented bands of the evening, mixing the more typical hardcore-meets-Maiden sound with something that sounded an awful lot like old Swedish death metal to me. Third song in actually reminded me of Grave, with deep growls to match. These guys seriously need to get a tougher look than the almost preppy appearance they had here, but they are quite an impressive new name on the scene." Their full schedule of gigs would seem to also give credence to Mality's praise of their show. They have been a fairly regular fixture on the live music scene playing such venues and events as Scream Fest, Frontline, Texas Lounge and Acme Records. They have upcoming shows at The Ramada in Freeport, Minglewood and Lyran Hall. You can always find their current schedule (along with lots more info on the band at


Thus far the band have released one EP, The Noble Gentlemen. It showcases four of their songs, "Dancefloor Disaster", "I Have No Heart Because A Shedevil Stole It", "Screams For Vengeance" and "The Seventh Calling". They are currently writing music and getting ready to enter the studio to record another one. Prielipp reveals that the material on the next one will be "a lot more complex." The current one is a good listen, and upon listening you will be very surprised to think of the group as from Machesney Park, let alone composed of guys not yet old enough to drink. It is mature and well constructed music in an extreme metal vein. All musicians show themselves to be very competent and effective at creating their art.


While their form of aggressive heavy metal may not be for everyone, they certainly deliver it with a solid musicianship and creative spirit. These guys deserve to be (and I'm guessing it's only a matter of time until they will be) on the national circuit. If you give Blood Of Creation a try, and modern thrashy death metal inspired sounds are your thing, you will most likely be quite pleased.

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