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Date: 05/17/2003
Musician's Corner: Backstage Pass
by Tom Leu
You know a lot of us have been there, hanging out/loitering after concerts trying to get that backstage pass from the security or road crew guys. We imagine meeting our heroes face-to-face amidst throws of wild parties and even wilder people.

Backstage pass to what though? To pass out on some tours I suppose. Ask those who've been there at any level, backstage stage usually means backrooms, bedrooms, and basements that double as dressing rooms & dining rooms.

In reality, professional musicians have schedules and itineraries for appearances, rehearsals, interviews, concerts, and business meetings. The glamour backstage is usually disappointing compared to the hype.

The Bottom Line: R and R doesn't always mean rock-n-roll. Oftentimes, backstage, it means rest and relaxation. Rest from the rigors of the road, and relaxation from the regimented routines.
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